Payments & Refund Policy

Payment Methods

We accept as payment method the following credit or debit cards:

Visa, Visa Electron and Mastercard.

No credit or debit card information is stored in our systems.

All payment transactions are secured by Revolut.

Refund Policy

The customer has the right to request a full refund within 24 hours of purchased services by requesting it via email to the company. For a customer to be entitled to a full refund the following must be ensured: a) no credentials should have been used, b) no services should have been utilized and c) no material should be downloaded from the website.

In the case that 24 hours have passed since the purchase of a service and the service has not been used, the company can issue credit for the customer to be able to re-use the value of their purchase for other services only by requesting it via email to the company.

Refunds are returned to the same credit or debit card that it was used during purchase and could take up to fifteen days for the Bank to process.

Customer is not entitled into a refund if any of the purchased services have been used.